It Might Be ADHD, We Don’t Know But We Manage


Is it just me or do a lot of us have ADHD? While some of us have a medical diagnosis, the rest of us don’t but somehow we feel like our attention is moving in different directions in a second. It might leave you with a headache or incomplete tasks lying all over the place. Although we don’t have the medical information like we usually do, this is genuinely how we feel. So, this might just be a rant about how we find it difficult to go through our day in an organized manner or without feeling overwhelmed at the end of it.

Any day that we don’t make a to-do list to keep track of the activities we need to do, the entire day would leave us feeling underachieved because we didn’t complete some tasks that we set out to do.

It’s funny how we start off running hot water, wanting to take a bath and end up in front of your laptop, still in your underwear because you remembered that you hadn’t sent an email to a colleague. Now, it’s 3pm and you’re in full work mode while your now cold bath of water awaits you. 

Sometimes it feels like your head’s about to explode from a million and one things you think you have to do. We don’t know if these are symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It would be nice to know why we feel like this without leaving our fate up to Google to decide. It will be a great idea to talk to a medical professional to have an assessment. 

Until we do that, we can start by writing down our tasks for the day whether it’s for work, school or house errands. We like to break them down into easy tasks as much as we can. It helps us track what needs to be done and gives a sense of achievement when we complete each task. It also lifts all that responsibility off of our brain to remind us at random moments.

If we really want to keep our focus on a thing at a time, we do have to avoid distractions. This is a tough one because a few of us work from our phones or other devices that are linked to social media. But we believe in you. We can do it! 

And hey, don’t forget to close your eyes, just take a breath at times, quiet out the noise in your head. And most importantly, ask for help when you need it. We know that you don’t like to ask for much but we’re sure there are amazing people in our lives that’d love to help take off some of the responsibilities off your plate. 

Like we mentioned earlier, we don’t have a diagnosis for why our mind runs many miles all through the day but it always helps to ask a professional or find people who feel the same way, some of their coping mechanisms could help you. Well, we hope that ours does.


What do you think?